Saturday, 1 June 2013

Something different....

Now our holiday is over - the washing, ironing and fitness plan begins....
I lost 7lbs the week before we went away and sure (but haven't stepped on the scales yet) some has crept back on......:0(
Today's card is something very different for a wedding but the lady was very specific in what she wanted - she had seen a baby frame I had made earlier in the year and asked could it be made into a card - she (and the couple) were thrilled !!
5 mile walk first thing, washing, ironing for me, Cricket and golf for Lewis,  finishing a religious study project for Eleanor and as always work for John tomorrow - so the holiday is truly over.....
Thank you for stopping by - lets hope the sun shines a little more now we are officially in June
Susan xx


  1. Nice to see you the card .. fab design
    Lisa x

  2. Fabulous card Susan, such a great design.
    Sue xx

  3. Great card Susan I won't ask what the bottle of alcohol is doing on it!! Glad you had a great holiday we are off one week today - can't wait! Susan x

  4. Congrats on the weight loss Susan and if it crept back on you know you can take it off again!! lovely card too xx


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