Monday, 4 March 2013

Yeah 51 followers and 1 lucky winner.

So.........I got to work first thing this morning and wrote all my followers on bits of paper

and picked out one piece.........

The lucky winner is........
Congratulations Susan
 please can you send me your address details so I can get the candy to you straight away.
Many BIG thank yous to all my new followers and I hope you continue to follow my blog - and who knows when the next blog candy will be ;0)
Susan xx


  1. Congratulations on getting your 50 followers Susan and congratulations to Susan for winning your candy xx

  2. Wow Susan congratulations on getting to 51 - I go away for a few days and this is what happens! A big thank you for the candy win too! Whoopee!! Could you e mail me at and I can then send you my address? I can't see your e mail address on your blog otherwise I would e mail you! Thank you again Susan - here's to the next 49!! Hugs Susan xx

  3. Many congratulations Susan on your followers and congratulations to Susan our winner xx

  4. CONGRATULATIONS SUSAN FLYNN!! This is awesome! I'm sure you are going to feel like Christmas when you get your package!


I know how time consuming leaving comments is - so I really do appreciate all messages left for me. It truly makes my day.
Hugs Susan x