Saturday, 4 October 2014

Grumps - 80 years old today!

Today we are down in Chessington celebrating my FIL's 80th birthday.....
3.5 hours journey to see Tommy Cooper and Tom Jones act - hmmmmm sure I could be doing something slightly more exciting!!

Here are my cards and invitation that I created.

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!
Susan xx


  1. Wonderful card and invite Sue. Happy Birthday to Ralph and have a great time! Susan x

  2. Great card and it really made me laugh that you call him Grumps because that is what we called my FIL.
    When he went 70 I made him a card and on the front it said .. Most men at 70 turn into Grumpy old men, but not you,....
    Inside.... You have always been one.
    My MIL loved it.

    Kath x


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